Used / Second-hand Sawmill equipment

We have always some used Sawmill log-handling equipment in stock for sale and we try to post it on the website.
You can always ask what we have in stock at the moment or know about, send a question to Per-Johan Hedlund:
or phone: +46 271 55410
2 pcs. Bruks RR1000 butt-end reducer
1 pc. Log singulator with electric drive (-08)
1 pc. 4-step feeder, hydraulic
2 pc. 3-step feeder, hydraulic
1 pc. Log singulator, hydraulic. (for normal timber)
3 pc. Accelerating conveyor
1 pc. Kicker section for log conveyor
1 pc. Used log intake
Chipper 1: Bruks 813 CS drum chipper, 75 kW
Chipper 2: Erjo 204 MA drum chipper, 55 kW
Chipper 4: Bruks 1500 M disc chipper, 75 kW
Cyclone, diameter approx. 1200 mm
11 pc. Jonsered 1500 Long John timber crane c/w hydraulic unit in container
Idler roller (concave-belt) conveyors, belt width 550-1,000 mm
2 pc. Type 600 auger (screw) conveyor