Hedlund’s kicker range consists of three different designs for kicking logs from log conveyors. They together cover a variety of needs based on actual conditions and requirements. All solutions share our overall design philosophy of dimensioning for high quality and reliability in tough operating conditions. We also offer the possibility of retrofitting certain types of kicker systems to existing log conveyors of all makes.



This type operates with a kicker disc that rotates off-centred around a shaft in bearings powered by an angular geared motor. The eccentric movement results in a soft push on the log which, together with a continuous rotation direction without turning positions, results in reduced noise levels and reduced machine wear.

The kicker disc is suspended in a machined steel bearing housing with double row spherical roller bearings for high reliability. A rubber coupling dampens the gear from torque spikes for increased service life. This type of kicker can be mounted directly on the machine or to a separate frame to isolate it from the machine. The system is suitable for quick and easy retrofit to existing machines.

Separate drive on all units introduces additional degrees of freedom in the controls and therefore enables compensation for, as example, taper, which results in high precision in the push. Furthermore, each section allows mechanical adjustment of the home position for quick adjustment without touching the control system.


Bottom kicker – Direct drive

A classic in modern design – the bottom Cow Horn kicker. The kickers are mounted to a shaft in bearings and provided with direct drive from an electric gear motor. For one- or two sided discharge. Minimum no of moving parts and need for maintenance. Controlled via frequency inverter and brake resistor. Can be configured with optional number of kickers per drive and shaft depending on log length range and log gap. A typical configuration is ‘2 + 1’ for all lengths, even leading ends, i.e. two drives and shafts and in total three kicker arms.


Bottom kicker – Crankshaft drive

A Cow Horn kicker with crankshaft drive is the uncompromising alternative for bottom kickers with its soft turning positions enabling long service life under the absolute toughest of operating conditions.