The Company

Hedlunds develops, designs and manufactures solutions primarily for the sawmill industry. We provide sawmills worldwide with first class log handling systems. Thanks to innovation, high tech solutions, finest manufacturing quality and customer support, we are successful both in our home market as well as on remote markets.

Ingenjörsfirma G. Hedlund AB

Hedlunds is today a world leading supplier of systems for log handling to sawmills. Our head office and manufacturing plant is located in Alfta in the middle of Sweden. We are situated in one of Sweden’s most important forest areas with the worlds probably finest pine resource, which has shaped our business for generations. Our customers are primarily located in Scandinavia but we have made several deliveries around the world to all continents with sawmilling activities. We have our own research- and development as well as our own manufacturing resource in order to be able to serve our customers in the best possible way.

Made in Sweden

Our products are built in Alfta, Hälsingland in the middle of Sweden. The Hedlund family has been established manufacturing on the premises since the late 1800’s. We use Swedish steel and components primarily from Sweden, Finland and Germany. We have built up a long tradition and experience that make our products deserve the well-known quality branding one think of when seeing the name Hedlunds. Research, development and sales are all on the same location as our manufacturing, resulting in swift and excellent communication. Our production consists mainly of cutting, welding, machining and machine assembly. Other material and services are procured from competent quality suppliers in the nearby area.

High piece counts and uptime factors

Hedlund’s customers strive to obtain maximum profitability through highest possible processing speeds. We continuously work on increasing our machines’ capacity and reliability in their systems. In practise, speeds increase and the machine layouts develop into forming seamless, well-functioning systems with integrated control systems. All to continuously feed the subsequent processes in an optimum manner.
Log handling is nowadays very challenging, with tough operation and long work hours per day. We strive towards a zero-vision for breakdowns in our systems. By designing certain machine components very robust and other parts as wear faces, we can calculate maintenance intervals and provide wear parts for planned, preventive maintenance stops.



Sweden, Russia och Poland


Norway, Chile och Argentina


Alfta – main parts stock

Virserum – local parts stock

Kongsvinger, Norway – local parts stock

Customer focus

For Hedlunds, customer relations mean more than selling good machinery and systems. We participate in the procurement process from start to end, working out alternative proposals together with the customer. All with a target to come up with an optimum solution for every situation. With our experience from worldwide log handling, we can propose different solutions and list the pros and cons for each alternative. We have a lot to thank our customers for. From a common ambition to reach new levels of capacity, uptime factors, human safety and a sustainable development, we share a passion for developing tomorrow’s technology. With start to end, we don’t mean that all ends upon finished commissioning. On the contrary, we will be there on the journey, assisting with maintenance, service, spare parts and upgrades.

Cutting edge technology

With our team of educated and experienced engineers and designers, we develop our own mechanical designs and control systems to enable the supply of fully covering system solutions. Our flat and close organisation with sales, design and production ensures we don’t lose information between the process steps. We also co-operate with the best in business regarding motors, controls and sensor technology. Our development teamwork with the latest digital tools for calculations, simulations, 3D-modeling and cloud-based information flow. By visualizing what we do we can also present a transparent and real picture of our offering to our customers.


Our world is facing enormous challenges. Climate experts have conveyed a message that this decade is the last we have to adjust the manufacturing industry to climate neutrality. We are not yet there but we are working on reaching the target every day.


We are supporting this change, operating in an industry with the solution to a sustainable future; the forest industry. Trends, research and political decisions pave the way for innovations from the forest resource, which is a natural carbon capture and storage, as product as well as raw material.


What we do today is to optimize the material use of our machines, we use modular elements for wear surfaces so that they can be easily replaced, we use electric power and primarily ensure good quality to achieve a product with long service life. We also use local products and materials to reduce transports as much as possible. We offer to trade in machines to achieve a more circular economy and take more responsibility for the material we use. After a machine has completed its purpose at one plant, the same machine can be refurbished and reused at another plant, or material recycled.